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Destination: LIMA - Peru
Capacity: 10


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Day 01
Arrival and transfer to hotel (depending on your flight’s arrival time you will have the rest of the day to yourself). Welcome cocktail. Stay at hotel of your choice.

Day 02
Continental breakfast.
You will be picked up from your hotel early in the morning to go on the City Tour, a guided tour around the city of Lima (capital of the Spanish Viceroyalty of Peru during colonial times). The tour starts from the Plaza Mayor (Main Square) in the Historic Center of Lima, with explanations about the Palacio de Gobierno (Government Palace), the Cathedral, the Palacio Arzobispal (Archbishop’s Palace) and the Palacio Municipal (City Hall). Afterwards we will visit the San Francisco Convent, only a two block walk from the Plaza Mayor.

San Francisco, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is the largest complex of monumental colonial art in the Americas. It has a basilica with 21 altars, a cloistered convent, Capitular and Clementine Rooms, an inner courtyard decorated with XVI century glazed tiles from Seville, Moorish arches, and subterranean catacombs. The tour also includes: the Olivar (Olive grove) of San Isidro, Miraflores’ Parque Central and Parque del Amor (Central and Love Parks), lunch at HUACA PUCLLANA RESTAURANT.

In the afternoon we will visit the Museo de la Nacion (National Museum), institution created in 1988 as an integrating entity for the diverse Peruvian forms of cultural expression. Today it is one of the two largest museums in Peru and an important cultural center. It has thousands of archaeological artifacts in its collections, representative of the different cultures of Peruvian Pre-Hispanic history. In addition it holds art collections: Colonial, Republican, Popular and Modern: Contemporary and Ethnographic. Currently it also hosts large scale temporary exhibits.Lodging.

Day 03
Continental breakfast.
We will pick you up in the morning and take you to visit the Museo de Oro (Gold Museum). There you will see spectacular gold artifacts from different pre Columbian cultures (some over 3,000 years old). There is also a collection of weapons from around the world, both old and new. In these rooms you can see armor, uniforms and objects from various times and places. This exhibit is considered amongst the best in the world. Lunch at JOSE ANTONIO restaurant . OPTIONAL: Jockey Plaza Shopping Center where you can find some of the best boutiques and department stores for your shopping needs. (2HOURS). Optional: San Isidro or Barranco nightlife .

Day 04
Continental breakfast.
In the morning we will visit the Santuario de Pachacamac (Sanctuary of Pachacamac). This is a guided tour around this archaeological citadel. Pachacamac was a divinity worshipped by Andean peoples. The citadel has pyramidal temples and buildings constructed by various pre Columbian cultures, pre Inca and Inca. Noteworthy are the Templo del Dios Pachacamac (Temple to God Pachacamac), the Adoratorio del Sol (Shrine of the Sun) and the Palacio de las Mujeres Escogidas, las Virgenes del Sol (the Palace of the Chosen Women, the Virgins of the Sun). There is a site museum that holds the idol of Pachacamac. This idol could not be looked upon by laypeople. This privilege was reserved for the priests that cared for it, worshipped it, and interpreted the divine oracle’s predictions. The entire site is considered sacred and part of the mystic axis of the world.

Lunch at CHIFA WA LOK (Peruvian-Chinese fusion cuisine)

At the established time we will transfer you to the airport so you can board your flight.


SONESTA OLIVAR 5* $744 $434 $359
MARIA ANGOLA 4* $611 $358 $296
SONESTA MIRAFLORES 3* $599 $350 $290