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Destination: IQUITOS - Peru
Capacity: 10


 M T W Th F S S Time out Time back
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Day 01
Arrival at airport and pick up by our personnel. Transfer to river port to start trip to our lodge. During the trip you will receive a brief orientation about Iquitos.

Navigating along the largest river in the world, the Amazon, on board comfortable and safe vessels. Arrival at Amazonas Sinchicuy Lodge. Explanation about the facilities and activites to do. Our personnel will serve you a refreshing “welcome drink”, elaborated with exotic rainforest fruits.

Program starts with an excursion on foot or canoe – depending on the season – to a settlement of the Yagua people. Return to lodge. Lunch.

In the afternoon, our ethnobotanical excursion continues around the lodge area, where you’ll be able to see different species of the plant kingdom. We will visit a natural healer (shaman) who will talk about some of the properties of the region’s flora and their multiple uses. Tour of riverside ranch of Santa Maria de Ojeal, where we will witness the traditional method of extracting juice from sugar cane. You will also visit a fish farm, where you can see native fish species, and will tour a traditional Amazonian riverside town.

Night excursion / Amazonian legends
At the established time we will go on a canoe or walking excursion, to see what the rainforest is like alter dark. Return to lodge. Dinner. Overnight stay.

Day 02
Full day exploring the Reserva de Selva Primaria (Primary Forest Reserve) in the Yanayacu River ecosystem. Navigating on the Amazon River in open boats all the way to strategic place where pink river dolphins can be found. Amazonian myth and lore has spun many fantastic stories and legends about these river dwellers. Arrival at Caserio de Huashalado. From here we will go on a walk to Yanayacu River, where a boat awaits to carry us on our excursion. During our trip we will enter the “Kingdom of the Giant Trees”. With a little luck we will be able to see monkeys swinging about the tree canopies or maybe even see a tree sloth.

Box-lunch in the boat or river bank. Hike along forest trails or paddle a canoe through primary forest, where you will see the unique characteristics of plants and trees of this ecosystem. Return to Amazonas Sinchicuy Lodge. Along the way you will be able to fish for piranhas, mojarras and other fish species just like the locals do.

Arrival at Amazonas Sinchicuy Lodge. If you are interested you can go on a canoe trip along the channel, otherwise you can enjoy dusk rocking comfortably in a hammock, or enjoy an exotic drink from our “Clavohuasca” Bar. Dinner. Over night stay.

Day 03
Breakfast at the Lodge.
Return to Iquitos navigating the Amazon River.
Hotel transfer. Overnight stay.

Day 04
Breakfast in hotel.
Airport transfer at appointed time to catch flight to Lima.

HOTELES 1 2-4 5-9 10-14
AMBASSADOR 3* 329 247 244 230
DORADO 3* 358 263 260 246
VICTORIA REGIA 3* 364 267 264 250
DORADO PLAZA 5* 390 280 277 263