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About Incas journey adventure This agency, based in Cusco, was begun by a Peruvian with the aim of providing tourists with an unforgettable service using native knowledge and local people. We believe that our dynamic mix of indigenous and international awareness helps us to organize tours that give visitors a unique experience in Peru. We want you to take as much pleasure in this beautiful country as we do and due to our passion for the culture and people, we believe we make this possible! Due to our location, we arrange a variety of tours in and around Cusco. We also specialise in tour packages throughout Peru. We believe that we have the advantage, being based in the country, of being able to give you the insider's tour in addition to being excellent value for money. We are Sustainable Tourism Operators In organising all our tours, we incorporate the universal principle of tourism; protect the environment and benefit the local community and its culture. To this end, we have recruited trained local staff that know, understand, feel and respect the places and the people. Responsible Tourism Conserving the environment The beauty and diversity of Peru is awe-inspiring – we want to keep it that way… .-On all our tours, we have a clean-up policy that must be respected by all our employees – 'take out what you take in' .-We use clean burning fuel to cook the meals on our treks .-We ensure local water is kept clean by avoiding using pollutants in streams or springs .-We limit deforestation - we do not make open fires and discourage others from doing so .-We avoid activities which threaten wildlife or which may be potentially damaging to our natural environment Helping the local community Providing opportunities for local people is vital in ensuring that tourism benefits the community, improve life standards and give opportunities to people. 1.-We employ local staff and pay them fair, legal wages 2.-We ensure that our treatment of staff abides by legal requirements 3.-We use locally-owned transportation and accommodation Your responsibility Tourism is the main industry in Cusco and you, the tourist, can ensure that it impacts on the community in a positive way... a.-Read about the culture and the people before you come - this will prepare you for expected modes of behaviour and dress and also give you an insight into the society before you arrive b.-Learn a few words of Spanish – your efforts to communicate will be warmly welcomed C.-Buy local – egg. Food/drink – rather than imported products. This way you will taste a bit of real Peru while helping the local economy d.-If you are bargaining over an item, think that a small difference to you, is probably a big one for the seller – Pay a fair price and bargain less. e.-Ask permission before you photograph local people F.-Respect the local traditions and holy places h.-Remember that lifestyle and time concepts are probably different than your own, not inferior – different! i.-Choose to be surprised, not disappointed, when things, places, services, or people do not match your expectations Do You Want To Avoid The Crowds?? If you choose to do the Inca trail, we want it to be the crowning experience of your South America trip. We therefore have some recommendations for a quieter trek: • As the dry highland months coincide with the high tourist season (due to vacations in North America and Europe) there are generally a lot of tourists on the Inca Trail at this time. If you want to avoid the crowds and have a more relaxing trail, we suggest that you hike it in March, April, May, October or November, although there is a possibility of rain in these months. • Another alternative to avoid crowds is to hike the trail in *5 days and 4 nights. During this tour, you will have more time to 'take it easy' and explore the trail (Inca Sites, flora, bird-watching etc.). You camp in places behind the normal campsites, where fewer people camp and as you are camping at higher altitudes, the views of mountains and sunrises will be amazing. (Please note that due to the higher altitudes, these campsites are a little colder than those on the 4 day Inca Trail.)