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Destination: LIMA - Peru
Capacity: 10


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Hotel pick up and transfer to Callao to board yachts. 9:00 a.m. departure.
Once aboard our yachts we will start our tour around the islands. On the tour we will see:

EL CAMOTAL Once part of the old port-city of El Callao, this spur of land now lies submerged under the ocean as a result of the earthquake of 1746. On low-tide days, you may see parts of this place above water.

SAN LORENZO ISLAND This island lies 4 km away from the bay of Callao. It is 8 km long and 2.5 km wide. A religious center during Pre-Hispanic times, during the Colonial period it was used as a cemetery for sailors, corsairs and pirates. Later it was an important place for researchers such as Charles Darwin and a major source of highly valued bird guano. Today it is a Naval Zone. We will have a panoramic view of the island throughout our tour.

EL FRONTON ISLAND About 7 km off-shore, it emerges out of the sea like a huge rock. There you will see the remains of the similarly named old penitentiary, and hear some of the stories and anecdotes surrounding the island.

CAVINZAS ISLANDS Group of rocky islands and islets with plenty of natural caves and caverns; it is the last guano harvesting site in the area. Now, they are a natural haven for seabirds such as pelicans, Peruvian boobies, guanays, red-legged cormorants, and a variety of gulls. They are also inhabited by Humboldt penguins, which may be seen occasionally.

PALOMINO ISLANDS Important group of islands. Natural habitat and refuge for huge, frolicsome, friendly sea lions, where they thrive surrounded by beautiful natural caves and caverns. If you are prepared, you may go for a swim and take a picture with sea lions in the background!
Return. Transfer to pier for landing.

- Trip, life vests.
- Port boarding and landing fees.

Visit to Real Felipe Military History Museum, military fortress erected to honor King Felipe III, built over the ruins of the old Callao prison. Designed to defend against the incursions of pirates and corsairs that lay waste along the Peruvian coast and threatened to enter Lima by taking Callao.

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