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finally found a free minute to write about the volunteering project I'm doing here in Peru. Short version for everybody who only wants a quick update: It's absolutely amazing and the people are incredible:) now a bit more detail: the organisation is called TINKUY PERU and is based in Huancayo, a city in the mountains of Peru. All the volunteers, and many other people ( mainly family members but you're never quite sure how many there actually are...) live in a big house with Tino and his family. Tino is the person who takes all the work and responsability upon himself to run the whole thing... the whole thing being the "andean shool", "the mountain project" and volunteers also help out in an orphanage...so there's plenty to do:) first thing i have to mention: compared to all the volunteer programs i've done before, i feel the most useful here, by far. so in the first week, annemie and me started working in the andean school as assistant english teachers in two classes in the mornings. apart from going to their normal schools, kids (and also adults) can come here to learn english. so what we did was basically talking to them and preparing some parts of the class. but since learning should be a lot about having fun we tried to be as funny as possible:) Now, the best part of the volunteering here with Pinkuy Peru is the "proyecto de la montana". Having participated in a few other volunteer programs, I know for myself, that I prefer being an active member of a community instead of only getting to know places as a tourist. Being involved with local people gives so much insight into a different culture, and definately creates long-lasting memories. Here volunteers have the possibility to live exactly this experience whilst they are staying with Tino and his family. Everybody has the chance to be involved to a maximum. Huancayo - Peru